Preseason officially started for Senior Women’s East Ringwood Football Club team in early February 2020. Although an eager group have been unofficially training together from late last year, keen to improve and keep building on their skills and fitness from the 2019 season.

The feeling amongst the group is very positive with familiar faces welcoming some new recruits. This will be the third season for the Roo Women and they are looking forward to taking on season 2020.

The football skills have certainly improved over the past two years and the team are looking forward to putting in a solid preseason to ensure they are fit enough to run with the best of the league.

With a change of season, there’s inevitably a change in players and East Ringwood is welcoming of any new women interested in joining the team and the East Ringwood Football.

The club are super excited to continue working with the women’s team to ensure they have the resources, support and environment they need to be successful.

For any further information please contact Peter Baker via the club contact details.

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