A sincere thank you to all our sponsors and members of the East Ringwood Football and Netball Club.

We have had a huge history that we acknowledge, many great years and many tough years too.

2022 felt like an incredible journey. Welcoming the Netball teams, integrating women into the club in a natural and powerful way.

We’ve changed how we go about being a club but at the heart of it all… are our people.

This includes the volunteers who work tirelessly, our members who believe in us and our sponsors who ensure that the East Ringwood community come together to support each other and build strong connections and neighbourhoods.

This year – all the hard work paid off.

It was incredible to bring 4 trophies home and to celebrate a real community effort and spirit.

Thank you to everyone involved – community sport is alive and well at East Ringwood Football and Netball Club.

Bring on 2023!