Dear Sponsors, Members, Players and Supporters,

Yesterday the Executive Committee had its worst fears confirmed. The postponement of the 2020 season until the 31st of May (or perhaps even-longer) as our nation and we as Australians come-to-terms with the increasing threat that this insidious Corona virus poses to all of us. Our families, our friends, our community and our future way of life. At East Ringwood Football Club, we respect and understand that our national interests must come before the game that we love and are so passionate about.

We also understand the level of disappointment that this decision creates amongst all of those that have toiled so long and hard in preparation for making the 2020 season a successful one, both on and off the ground.

We must however now put this aside and focus our attention instead on finding a way to ensure that this game that we play and this club that we love will continue to exist for another 90 years and beyond.

And so it is, that we have now commenced discussions as to how we can survive the 2020 season that at best looks like being a maximum of nine rounds, or at worst total abandonment until 2021. Needless to say, this represents a monumental challenge, particularly as this was not something that was expected, whether it be at the AFL or EFNL levels, yet alone within the club itself. Whatever the outcome, you are assured that as we find our way and make plans to sustain our future, we will inform you regularly of our progress.

In closing, on behalf of every player that has donned the royal blue and white both past and present, every spectator that has stood in the cold and the rain cheering on our teams,  every sponsor that has generously donated to the club’s future or every volunteer that has willingly given up their time, we ask you not to give up now, nor to walk away. In this time of unprecedented adversity, our club needs each and every-one of you more than it ever has in the past if we are to survive and prosper into the future.

To this end, if you can possibly afford to pay your membership fees, please do so. If you have an idea that will help us to make ends meet, please tell us. If you want to make a personal donation, please let us know, or if you simply want to put up your hand and help out in any-way that you possibly can, we will be grateful.

At the end of the day football matches are not won by individuals, but rather by the combined efforts of the whole team. And this is exactly what we need now, the entire East Ringwood Football Club community rising up as one united team, sticking together and getting the job done.

Go the mighty roos.

Posted by the East Ringwood Football Club Executive Committee

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