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Posted by East Ringwood Football Club on Monday, March 4, 2019

?‍♂️ Meet Fergie! We’re sure many of you know and love Fergie, and his dedication to our club. 

Meet Keeley Hudson aka Huddo. She Is a member of the Senior Women’s Team and a super positive role model at the club.She is another fine example of the East Ringwood Junior Football Club Inc to Senior Club-and-beyond football pathway. Video production by Jen Hicks

Posted by East Ringwood Football Club on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Meet Keeley Hudson aka Huddo. She Is a member of the Senior Women’s Team and a super positive role model at the club.
She is another fine example of the East Ringwood Junior Football Club Inc to Senior Club-and-beyond football pathway.
Video production by Jen Hicks

This week we travelled to Knox for a 1.00 game which was not ideal for anybody. The ground was in great condition and it was a beautiful day. We welcomed Murph in for her first game of the year and also gained CT, Ferg and Jonesy who all missed last week. However we lost Hicksy, Pricey, Chef and KB. We established that Knox only had 16 players so I offered 2 of ours so that everyone got as much game time as possible. He declined and wanted to play with 16. I explained to their team manager that we had 12 girls unavailable and we needed to give these girls, game time. She was disappointed that the coach didn’t accept our offer. We made the same offer again at half time and again he declined.

We started the game slowly and took a fair while to settle down and get control of the ball. Their ruckman was big and very strong and used her body well. We ended up moving Grizz into the ruck and she did a great job wearing her down and eventually took control and won plenty of the ball. Wiz was working hard up forward and was the target of several heavy knocks. She kept getting up and winning the ball. She finished with 4 goals but shared the ball well and bought other players into the game. Knox had a good player at full back and I moved KShan to full forward for a bit and she marked strongly and finished the day with 6 goals. I believe this is a new club record for the women. Swifty was very good all day and her kicking was excellent. Again the backline was strong with Langers, Big Louie, Sam and Murph restricting Knox to 1 goal after quarter time. Jonesy and Gazza worked hard on the wings all day and both got plenty of the ball.

This was a really good team effort with everyone contributing. This is now 2 weeks in a row that I have struggled to find a poor player and that is what makes a good team. Awards – The Warren Gilbert pewter for best went to Grizz, (Kelly Adams). Her form this year has been very good and she just keeps putting her hand up to accept the next challenge. Thursday night dinner went to Sam Carr who has improved every week. She is attacking the ball with confidence and winning it well. Her kicking is very good and she was rarely beaten. Big Louie (Eb Llewallyn) won a Maroondah Club voucher for her consistent good form. She is playing in front and winning the ball well. She stayed on her player and beat her convincingly on the day. Murph (Tayla Murphy) won the second Maroondah Club voucher in her first game for the year. She looked like she had been playing all year as she marked strongly and kicked the ball beautifully all day. Jon Cena went to Shevy (Siobhán Fletcher Chivers) who stuck a great tackle and laid a good shepherd. Shevy just keeps fronting up and continues to improve. Well done to all the award winners. Let’s now focus on this weeks game. Go Roos.

This week we played Sth Croydon at East Ringwood. Sth are undefeated and had won their past 3 games comfortably. We welcomed back Butters and Bevo but were without Wiz, Swifty, Choco, Langers and we had players who were carrying the effects of flue into the game. We started slowly and soon realised Sth had a very strong midfield. The first quarter was a struggle and although we had a number of opportunities we could only manage a solitary goal through the good work of Juggsy.

Quarter time scores were ER 1.1 to Sth 2.1. The second quarter was another arm wrestle and proved to be a great contest between both midfields. Cee Tee and Gazza were winning lots of the ball and Smack and Bevo were both working hard. The backline was under a bit of pressure but Butters found her groove quickly and repelled many attacks. Again we had the ball in our forward line but could not worry the scorers. Scores at the long break were ER 1.1 to Sth 4.2. I felt we were still in the game as we had as much possession as they did but we just couldn’t turn that into scores.

On the other hand they took their chances and kicked 3 goals to take a strong lead into the three quarter time break. I asked the girls for a real effort at the last change and to fight the game out. We managed to kick another goal but they added another 3 and we suffered our heaviest defeat ever. This was a game that gave us a good look at the top side and showed us where we need to improve to compete with them. I thought our onballers worked hard all day and did a great job against good players.

Best players were Gazza, Cee Tee, Butters, Fergie, Smack and Hicksy. Special mention to Kshan who dragged herself out of bed to come and play. Let’s all get together at training and again after training tomorrow night where we will do our awards. I will not be there on Thursday as we have Molly’s Communion.

This week we traveled to Heathmont where we had a 9.45 start. We had a total of 14 players unavailable for different reasons so we were fortunate to have Sarah Farmer available and also Liv and Jodie from the 18’s. We started well with Chloe competing well in the ruck and Kshan, Smack and Hicksy winning the ball out of middle. Heathmont had some good onballers and it was a good battle between our girls and theirs. Wiz was everywhere in the forward line and kicked 3 first quarter goals. We held a 2 goal lead at 1/4 time. We made some changes to ensure all of the girls got plenty of game time. Grizz continued her good form by presenting and competing well at CHF.

Gazza was working hard on her wing and Sam and Huddo were winning the ball well in the backline. Our onballers were winning the battle of the middle and at halftime we stretched our lead to 6.5 to 2.7. I was happy with our effort in the first half and spoke about maintaining that in the second half. We moved Grizz to CHB and Swifty to the wing and both girls responded well. Kate Bergroth kicked her first ever goal in a proper game of football and Maddie Mount kicked her first goal in Senior football. At 3/4 time the score was 8.5 to 2.7. The game opened up a bit in the last quarter and we moved the girls around to give them all a decent hit out. The final score was 10.5 to 3.11.

This was a really good team effort with all players contributing in some way. The awards went to Wiz, (Sarah Farmer) who finished the day with 4.1 and spent a lot of time on the ball. Her marking and speed helped set up many scoring opportunities. She won the Warren Gilbert Pewter. Thanks to Warren for sponsoring this award. Gazza, (Bec Gallaher) won the Thursday night dinner.

Gazza ran over 11 kms on the day and regularly had 2 players to contend with. She is rarely beaten and continually wins the ball back. Gazza also won the Jon Cena award for her work in the packs. She was either laying a tackle or being tackled every time she went near the ball. We have 2 Maroondah club vouchers and Smack ( Steph McNamara) won one of these for her game against a very good opponent. She won the ball many times under pressure and used it well by hand and foot. Hicksy (Jen Hicks) won the other voucher and she would have covered just as much ground as Gazza. She ran hard both ways and applied great pressure to the opposition all day. She won plenty of the ball and her kicking has become consistently good. Kshan had another good day as did Grizz, Swifty and Sam. I would like to thank Liv and a Jodie for playing. Both girls performed well and more than held their own. This week we travel to Knox for a 1.00 game on Saturday.’

This weeks game against UFTG became a bit of a mess. We were scheduled to play at home on Saturday morning but we moved it to Sunday afternoon as both teams had a lack of numbers on the Saturday due a number of reasons. This enabled some players to play but also meant a couple couldn’t. We started the game with 18 players and as the game unfolded we looked sluggish and at times uninterested. UFTG had 23 players and for a side that didn’t score last week they were having a real crack.

Our backline was under a lot of pressure but Swifty was playing in front and winning the ball well as were Cailin, Big Louie, Sam and Langers. Chloe was doing a good job in the ruck and Gazza and Fergie were trying hard in the forward line. We didn’t trouble the scorers in the first 1/4 and thanks to the good work of the backline UFTG were held to 1.3 . The second quarter wasn’t much better as we could only manage 1.1 and UFTG scored 2.1. Half time scores were East 1.1 to UFTG 3.4. I wasn’t happy with our effort and felt that we were just going through the motions so I gave the girls a bit of a spray at half time and asked for more of an effort.

The girls came out and for the next 12 or so minutes dominated the game. The ball was in our forward line for almost all of this time and we had several shots on goal. Kshan lifted and really took control of the game. She kicked a goal and kept driving the ball back into our forwards. At about the 13 minute mark the UFTG ruck hit her head on a knee and then the ground as she went down. She stayed on the ground with what appeared to be a neck injury.

The game was stopped and after 20 minutes was called off. Fortunately an Ambulance arrived and the player was not seriously injured. So as we were behind when the game was called off UFTG were declared the winners. Football is a game of skill but also effort and when the effort is not where it should be than the results will generally reflect this. We got what we deserved and hopefully we learn a really good lesson.

We had some good players, Kshan, Swifty, Gazza, Grizz, Fergie, Chloe and Big Louie all contributed but there is certainly room for improvement in all of us. Let’s put it behind us and look forward to next week. The highlight of the weekend was the wedding of Bevo and Butters. Both girls looked stunning and it was a beautiful ceremony. All at East Ringwood wish you a long and happy partnership. Now hurry up and get back to training.

Well our first game finally arrived. After a big preseason which started back in November we finally got on the ground for our first game. We were without some familiar faces, Sarah Farmer has been working extremely hard since the end of the season and has been rewarded with a spot on Nth Melbourne’s list. This in itself is a great achievement and we hope Sarah gets every opportunity to show how good she can be.

Our new Captain Mika Butters and her fiancée Kylie Bevan were both unavailable due to their upcoming wedding this Saturday. I know it is going to be a fantastic occasion and one we all excited about. The whole club would like to say congratulations and wish you both many years of joy and happiness. We also had some early season injuries which meant we were able to give the rest of the team a really good hit out. We played Norwood, who had come down from premier division, at Ainslie Park. Although the change rooms are a bit old the ground itself was in magnificent condition. We had a good start with Chloe doing well in the ruck. She won several tap outs and attacked the ball vigorously when it came anywhere near her.

Kshan, Smack and Hicksy controlled the middle and kept the ball in our forward line which gave us several scoring opportunities. It took a few tries but eventually Lisa Baker shot out a quick handball and Emma “Fergy” Ferguson kicked her first ever goal in her first game of footy. Tash was working hard and managed to kick our second for the quarter. Norwood went forward a few times but the backline led by Swifty and Huddo stood firm. We had a two goal lead at 1/4 time.

The second quarter was another good quarter with Gazza taking control of her wing and CT winning several hard balls in the middle of the ground. We went into the long break with a handy lead.

The third quarter was not our best, Norwood lifted and we seemed a bit flat. We made some silly mistakes and allowed Norwood to gain some confidence. ET, Jonesy and Pencil were really getting involved in their first game of football. We held a small lead at 3/4 time and I asked the girls for a better effort and a bit more composure.

The girls responded and we kicked away to record a comfortable win. Kshan capped a great day kicking another 2 goals in this quarter. Awards for the day went to, Smack who won the pewter for BOG and also the Anzac medal. This was her first game of footy for East and she worked hard all day. She won lots of the ball and got knocked over several times but just kept getting up and winning the ball. Kshan won the Thursday night dinner after a typical dominating display on ball and up forward. Trash who also racked up plenty of touches won the third award. She also kicked goals tackled well. The Jon Cena award went to Grizz who presented well at CHF and fought hard to keep the ball in the forward line. Her strength over the ball and strong body work was excellent. Other good players for the day were Chloe who worked hard in the ruck. CT who used her strength in the packs and her physicality around the ball. Hicksy and Gazza didn’t stop running all day. Huddo and Swifty led the backline well. The first gamers were great, Fergy, ET, Jonesy, Pencil, Tricky and Chloe all showed glimpses of what they are capable of.

Next week we pkay UFTG. At this stage it is at 10.00 am at East Ringwood. As we have a number of players involved in Butters and Bevos wedding we have asked to move the game to Sunday afternoon. Once we confirm which day it is we will let everyone know.

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